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Masanori Awazawa’s article “Minji shikkōhō no kaisei to kinyū jitsumu – chūkan shian wo fumaete” (Revision of the Civil Execution Act and Financial Practices in accordance with the Intermediate Draft) was published in Kinyū Hōmu Jijō No. 2076


Michael Mroczek spoke about the Selection of Arbitrators at the YJAA-AFIA joint conference in Tokyo.


Michael Mroczek moderated the conference on “Swiss Arbitration for Japanese Corporations – Advantages of Choosing Switzerland as the Seat for Arbitration and the Swiss Rules” at the Embassy of Switzerland in Tokyo. The Japanese Vice-Minister of Justice, Mr. Takashi Yamashita gave the keynote speech.


Michael Mroczek gave a lecture at the Executive M.B.L. – HSG program held at Waseda University in Tokyo (“Law and Business in Japan”).


Okuno & Partners was certified as the Support Agency for Business Innovation as of June 30th.


Koji Fujita served as a "Shihandai" (role of commentator) in "Terakoya", which is a civil rehabilitation seminar that Tokyo Bar Association Bankruptcy Act Committee holds mainly for attorneys.


Shigeki Nomura presented the latest court case concerning the employment of persons with disabilities in the Shoji Homu Portal.


Shigeki Nomura gave a lecture titled “Reasonable Consideration for Students with Disabilities Based on the Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities - Interpretation and Direction” in the 3rd Tournament Hosted by General Incorporated Association National High School Students with Disabilities Support Council.


Asao Masue wrote the article titled “Attention with Regard to Succession of Business of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Using M&A”, which was published as the feature column in Kinyu Houmu Jijo No.2067.


Masako Banno served as a co-producer and co-chief editor for the article, "LAWASIA is Coming to Tokyo! Let's Explore the World of International Practice" (in Japanese) on the June 2017 issue of LIBRA, Tokyo Bar Association's monthly magazine.


Makoto Hirasawa introduced the International Bar Association and his experience of participating international conferences at a seminar organized by Tokyo three bar associations on June 8, 2017.

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