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Michael Mroczek contributed as a panellist to the conference about how Japanese and foreign lawyers could promote Japan as a global Alternative Dispute Resolution hub (EuroBiz, August 2018).


Michael Mroczek co-published the article “kokusai chusai handan no irei no koukai“ (The Publication of an Extraordinary Arbitral Award) in Business Law Journal No. 127, October 2018.


Masako Banno, vice-secretary general of the Committee on Lawyers’ Gender Diversity of Tokyo Bar Association, authored an article in the August issue of the bar association’s monthly magazine “Libra”, to report the 8th IBA Women Lawyers Conference.


Masako Banno has been appointed as an officer of the Diversity Council of International Bar Association (IBA).


Michael Mroczek co-published the article “Thoughts on necessary change in Japan”, regarding the scope of practice of foreign arbitrators in Japan, in Global Arbitration Review (GAR). 


Masako Banno gave a presentation titled "Legal Advice on Expanding Business into ASEAN Region with Reference to Case Study" at the outbound cross-border business seminar hosted by Global Frontier Association.


Michael Mroczek published the article “ICC award gives rare glimpse into $7bn San Onofre dispute” which was published in the Arbitration News - Publication of the International Bar Association Legal Practice Division, Vol.23, No.1, February 2018.


Masako Banno, the deputy secretary-general of the Center for Lawyers' Gender Diversity of Tokyo Bar Association, moderated a workshop titled "What is Unconscious Bias?", which was hosted by the bar association.


Michael Mroczek gave a speech about “How to Insure Permissibility of Advocates & Arbitrators chosen for Arbitration in Japan” at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


Masanori Awazawa and Hiroki Maruichi published the book "5000 Legal Lectures for Financial Institutions- Type Ⅳ Securities" as Co-authors. Tokyo, Kinzai 2018.


Masako Banno gave a lecture titled "Legal Advice for SME Expanding Business Overseas in Asian Region" at Tokyo SME University.

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