OKUNO&PARTNERS International Practice

International Practice

The development of an increasingly global market has led a growing number of our clients to become more outward-looking. Doing business in multiple jurisdictions is no longer the exception, but the norm. To respond to their needs, we became a member of Alliance of Business Lawyers, a global network of leading business law firms, giving our clients access to fast, accurate, and reliable advice from anywhere around the world.

Our membership of Alliance of Business Lawyers ensures that we can offer added value to our clients by referring them to reputable foreign business law firms that provide a comparable level of service. All member firms are broad-based corporate law practices with litigation capabilities. Like us, our partners have English-speaking lawyers and embrace and use the latest technologies.

Our International Practice Group is headed by Ms. Masako BANNO and Mr. Michael MROCZEK who between them have decades of experience in cross-border business.

For a list of member firms and international legal updates please visit http://www.ablglobal.net/